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Winners announced November 5th, 2018
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2017 Winners

1st Place

The reasons why I love Silver Saddle Ranch is because after meeting my wife 15 years ago she has continue to speak of the ranch as being a part of her life in her younger year, and now has become apart of our life 15 years later. So as a gift to her we join the membership resently to start our own remembrable times as husband and wife.
Tommie M.

Runner Up 1

We love silver saddle ranch because it brings our whole family together in a relaxed and beautiful ranch, riding horses, fishing, golfing, boating, enjoying the delicious food, doing bingo while spending quality time with our family and knowing the land we own is just nearby.

Runner Up 2

"I enjoy most at Silver Saddle Ranch the morning sun revealing the expanse of the desert and the early cool crisp air that give a semblance of peace and well-being."
Steven D.

Honorable Mentions

Why I love SSR....Well I have to say I love they're loyalty. In a town where plenty businesses have given up on, SSR didn't. It continued to grace us with growing opportunities. With a remarkable scenery, family filled activities and a loving staff.. It truly is has become our OASIS IN THE DESERT!
Marleny V.

I love Silver Saddle Ranch because whenever I think of it I get a smile on my face and I am flooded with memories of the good times I have spent there. It is like taking a happy pill each time I think of it.
Jeff W.

The whole family likes to visit the Ranch because it is a very relaxing place to just relax and play.
Jim H.

The ranch has always been good times for my family. They love to come there and just get away from home. It is like second home only quiet. I get to sleep when I am there.
Adrian A.