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Silver Saddle Ranch real estate grows in large part because of the ongoing growth of the Antelope Valley and the economic benefits that growth provides. Whether you are planning to build on your land at Silver Saddle Ranch or simply want to know more about the area's growth and what the future holds this is the place for finding that.


Galileo Reaches Benchmark Sales

Jan 2018 - The Galileo Project ended 2017 with a record 2,294 units having closed, as of 12/29/17, of the appromimately 4,000 total units allowed for sale. Congratulations to all the members who brought referrals to the ranch. Couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!

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Galileo Commercial Property Owners Association Inc.

Notice of Annual Meeting & Board Nominations


It is that time of the year when we need everyone’s input and timely responses to get things in order for the coming year. Your participation is extremely important and we thank you in advance for it.

  • Monday, November 27th - Nominations due back
  • Friday, December 1st – Ballots mailed out
  • Monday, December 11th – Mail-in Ballots Due
  • Thursday, December 14th – Online Ballots Due
  • Thursday, December 21st – Annual Meeting and in-person votes

Nomination of Board Members

Please use the following links.

Letter from Tom Maney

Nominations Form & Proxy

Ballots will be mailed out on Dec 1 and we should have them available online right here as well. We’ll send you a notice and download links as soon as we have them.


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Making $$$ With Referrals

Referrals are an important part of life at Silver Saddle Ranch. And, for owners, referrals have long been an excellent way to add extra income to their bank account. Making money with referrals can be lucrative and with the LandBanking project this has never been truer. 
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Boeing plane

Kern County Economy

- October 2016
From Lockheed Martin to Boeing to NASA, Antelope Valley has played host to big players in aerospace and enjoyed big developments as a result....
... Add in Northrop Grumman, the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake and Edwards Air Force Base and you have an amazing collection of high value industries calling the area home.
Read about all the latest aerospace activity in the area in this official report.

Read Full 2015 Report

Antelope Valley gold mining

Kern County Economy

- September 2016
The Golden Queen Mine is continuing to work toward becoming operational. Owned by Golden Queen, a publicly traded company listed on the...
...Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada and the OTC Market in the United States. Construction from the mining infrastructure is expected to total about $119 million. The company is fully permitted to remove 14 million tons of rock material a year. Out of that an expected 77,000 ounces of gold should be extracted, as well as 890,000 ounces of silver. At today's prices, the gold haul forthe life of the mine would be more than $l billion.

RIO TINTO. BORON Rio Tinto Minerals (RTM) operates California's largest open pit mine in Boron, California. The mine contains one of the richest borate deposits on the planet and supplies over 30 percent of the world's demand for refined borates. While boron is present everywhere in the environment, substantial deposits of borates are relatively rare. These minerals are essential to life and modern living.
Read Full Report

Antelope Valley agriculture

Kern County Economy

- August 2016
Agricultural Report:
“From 2003 through 2013 California farmers invested almost $3 billion upgrading irrigation systems to drip and micro-sprinklers on nearly 2.4 million acres to help keep our economy and fresh food flowing.” Read More....

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Referral Experts Share Their Secrets

It’s always interesting to see who the “BIG MONEY” Referral earners are and how they go about making So much cash! ...Want to know the secrets?
...“Referrals are easy” says Julie T. “Always remember you have a team of experts working for you”.

Silver Saddle representatives have all gone through and passed the rigors of California State licensing and some of the agents even hold multiple professional designations as well as being licensed through other states. The Silver Saddle team coupled with access to the Silver Saddle Resort is a true and unique referral generating asset.

Julie goes on to say, “All I do is invite my family, friends and business associates up to the Silver Saddle Resort for a complementary guest tour. Funny thing is… when I invite people up, a typical reaction is, “you belong to a club?” “Sure” and not only that… “This weekend I managed to score a couple of free rooms”. 

"Then I tell my guests that in case they would like to see more… all the food and other promotional things are also included. I think that if people are hard working and are trying to better themselves then I feel good about introducing them to the things I love. Going up to the Ranch and keeping in tune with all the things going on… “Well, how could I not share that?”

To date Julie has earned well over $20K and with summer almost here says she can easily double or even triple that! “I invite my guests and introduce them to my personal Silver Saddle Representative and they take it from there! Yeah! Silver Saddle! Together we’re quite a team!”

Kern County logistics

Kern County Economy

- July 2016
This industry has been a boom to Kern County with over 25,000 employed locally. The available and skilled workers offer an intact labor force to...
... employers, while the central location allows access to 36 million people within four hours. The industry is strongly united with oil and agriculture, which continue to be Kern’s strongest assets. As long as oil and agriculture succeed, this cluster will follow.

Kern County’s transportation, logistics and advanced manufacturing industry has grown significantly in the past decade, thanks to companies like Frito-Lay, Bolthouse Farms, Target, Sears, IKEA and Famous Footwear.

Read Full Report

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The BIG Picture

- March 2016
Most of you know that the California City area has been experiencing a transformational amount of growth. With new legislation mandating green energy, well known movers and shakers such as Google and...
...Warren Buffet are now big investors in the area. Also new are the areas burgeoning space cargo and recreational space flight industries. These together with many other cutting edge and transformational technologies make ours a one of a kind place with a once in a lifetime opportunity.
To take advantage of the areas many changes, Silver Saddle has introduced what many are calling an “Industry Shift” in the evolution of Real Estate Science. Typically, very large projects are the playgrounds of large corporations or very wealthy individuals.

Knowing this, Silver Saddle introduced the “The Galileo Project” which allows the small or average investor to participate in things that they could only before dream of.

The Galileo Project is a one of a kind investment platform that provides safety, predictable growth and cash flow, with all the benefits of a worldwide network of over 4,000 member resorts. Please call our office or your sales representative for details…

But don’t wait too long, in less than a year we are approaching almost 3/4 sold out!

energy & natural resources

Kern County Economy

- June 2015
Kern County is a leading producer of oil, natural gas, hydro-electric power, geothermal, solar and wind power, and is noted for its mineral wealth, including gold, borate, and kernite....
Kern County is the leading energy provider for the State of California and is connected to the strongest players in the global energy industry. With public commitments to renewables coming from the local, state, and federal levels, the industry has become one of the fastest growing nationwide, and much of that growth is taking place in Kern. The region is also gaining attention from the biofuel industry, in part because of our geographic location and accessibility to major markets. Potential uses for the fuel by-product (e.g. dairies which may purchase the by-product for feed) adds to Kern’s appeal.
Kern offers the innovation, education and infrastructure to support pioneering as well as established efforts. From major manufacturing to retail to start ups, Kern has already proven it is a leader for renewable business. Kern County officially committed to the environment, sustainability, and quality of life in the recent Economic Strategy approved by the County Board of Supervisors and implemented by Kern EDC. Our private and public sectors, local utilities, major energy users, nonprofits, and educational institutions are all collaborating to make Kern County the largest producer of renewables in the state.

Kern County summit meeting

Kern County Economy

- May 2015
Kern County’s economy will continue growing and adding jobs in a variety of industries for at least the next two years, an economist predicted at an annual meeting Wednesday...
... in Bakersfield.

Economist Mark Schniepp forecast local non-farm employment growth averaging 2.6 percent per year in 2014 and 2015, beating last year’s 2 percent. He pointed to particular strengths in services, tourism, health care, education, construction, wholesale trade and retail.

“Yes, we are back, believe it or not,” said Schniepp, director of Santa Barbara-based California Economic Forecast.

That kind of optimism, placed in the context of moderate economic recovery at the state and national levels, easily outweighed any cautionary notes voiced at Tuesday’s 14th annual Kern County Economic Summit.

There was even a sense that anyone holding out for a more robust recovery may miss immediate business opportunities in the area of real estate development.
“All of us need to get moving and get this stuff going before the next thing hits,” said industrial land developer Jason Gremillion, vice president of Roll Real Estate Development LLC, owner of Shafter’s booming warehouse and distribution center, Paramount Logistics Park.

Schniepp’s local economic forecast, commissioned by summit host Kern Economic Development Corp., said the county’s unemployment rate — pegged at 12.5 percent in February — will drop to 11.2 percent this year and 10.0 percent in 2015.

At the national level, an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco said progress continues to be made on recovering from the recent recession, which technically started in 2007 and ended in 2009.

Senior economist Gary Zimmerman noted that the unemployment rate has been coming down but the economy is still short 700,000 of the 8.7 million U.S. jobs lost in the Great Recession. That pace lags well behind past economic recoveries, he said. Zimmerman predicted about 3 percent growth in U.S. gross domestic product — a measure of the nation’s total economic output — this year and next.

READ the full article

Kern County agriculture

Kern County Economy

- April 2015
Agriculture has long been at the heart of Kern County’s economy and recently, new emphasis has been placed on the economic benefits of “value-added” ...
... agriculture. Defined as the transformation of agricultural products to a higher value for the end consumer, examples can be seen when carrots are processed into smaller, “baby” carrots, or used in the production of vegetable juice. Locally-produced products like POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice, Wonderful Pistachios, Bunny-Luv Baby Carrots, and Halos Mandarins are well-known national brands.

In terms of overall employment, Kern County’s value-added agriculture industry is the largest and most significant sector. Over 53,000 people – 20% of Kern’s total workforce – are employed in this large industry sector. 

Kern County Commodities Rank #2 in U.S.
In 2012, the value of all agricultural commodities produced in Kern County was $6.2 billion. This represents an 11% increase from the 2011 crop value of $5.5 billion. Grapes, almonds, milk, citrus and pistachios, alone account for 65% of agriculture’s value, generating more than $4 billion. Value-added agriculture is an expanding industry that is highly specialized and concentrated with overall employment growth that outpaces most competitor counties.

Support-service companies are an integral link in the value-added agricultural chain.  For example, companies that manufacture bags or cartons for food processor would be considered “support service” companies in the value-added agricultural chain.

Michael Rose

This Could Be You !!

- April 2015
From Kindle Fires to iPads to thousands of $$$$ in Cash Rewards, the 2016 Referral Program Incentives are making a LOT of people happy!
Ask Your Agent For Details
....View some of the Happy People


What is “The Galileo Project” Development Account…?

- February 2015
As all Galileo Project unit owners know, there is a separate development/savings account that exists for the benefit of all project investors. This account is funded through investor contributions and, after all 4,000 units are sold, the account is...
... projected to contain a minimum deposited amount of $8,000,000. This money does not belong to Silver Saddle or even to the Galileo Project and its Board. Rather, these funds exist under the direct ownership and benefit of all Galileo Project investors.

If you are a Galileo Project Investor… These funds belong to you!

The Galileo Project Development Account stands as a safety valve for investors to make sure money is available for things such as zoning changes, area planning, facilities expansion, project seed money and more. Pre-funding this account as individual units are sold brings surplus cash into the project. In other similar investments owners are often called upon to make additional cash contributions as needs arise. As a Galileo Project investor, your pre-funded Development Account will help cushion you from having to make any future contributions. So, as sales are made, new owners contribute, and surplus money accumulates for everyone’s benefit.

How can this money be spent?

The Galileo Project Board of Directors has the authority to entertain project plans and development ideas from both outside interests and project investors. The Board, however, does not have the authority to spend any Development Account funds without investor’s approval. Any and all proposals must be put to a vote among all project owners and it is the majority of those votes which determine whether and how all monies are to be spent. So remember, the Board can only be empowered to spend by a majority vote, and you, as an investor, have the power to cast that vote. Finally, one of the great benefits to you is that you’ll always have a say in the project’s direction and with an $8,000,000 Development Account at your disposal… Project plans can become Project reality…

Kern County healthcare

Kern County Economy

- February 2015
Healthcare Matters in Kern County
As Kern County continues to grow, so does the need for a wide-ranging network of healthcare professionals and facilities to serve the region’s population.  With more than 850,000 living in Kern County,....
... and over 358,000 in Bakersfield alone, local demands for highly skilled and innovative healthcare options continue to increase.

Advances in medical technology are already being made right here in Kern County.
Below is just a sample of local stand-outs:

San Joaquin Community Hospital’s AIS Cancer Center’s 60,000-square-foot facility in Bakersfield is affiliated with the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center and offers a comprehensive option for cancer diagnosis and treatment all under one roof.

Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center (CBCC) in Bakersfield is the largest private cancer center on the West Coast and is a top accrual site for UCLA & Bristol Myers Squibb.

HealthSouth Hospital is a 60-bed acute medical rehabilitation hospital that offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. Of the 93 hospitals in the United States system, HealthSouth Bakersfield is consistently ranked in the top 10.

Memorial Hospital’s Sarvan and Heart and Stroke Center offers a range of cardiovascular services and technology such as the Bi-plane International Suite to perform heart procedures on kids, treat stroke-causing clots and blockages and many other lifesaving procedures.

The Valley Institute of Prosthetics & Orthotics (VIPO) offers some of the newest and most advanced prosthetic technology in the country. One of VIPO’s many special offerings is the POWER KNEE, the world’s first powered bionic prosthesis for above-the-knee amputees.


Have You Brought Referrals To The Ranch?

- January 2015
Have you brought Referrals to the Ranch this year? If you have received over $600 in Referral Fees, you will be getting a 1099 and...
... have to pay taxes on your income. The good news is there are tax deductions you can take, here are some examples, but you need to review with your accountant to verify if these will be deductible for you. The important thing is you need to keep records, if they are deductible but you do not have records, you may not be able to deduct them. On the other hand, if you have the records, but are not able to deduct them, you are no worse off. 

One of the big expenses you can deduct is mileage to and from the Ranch when coming up with referrals. The current dollar per mileage deduction is $0.565 per mile. Driving round trip from Los Angeles to the Ranch is approximately 250 miles which would be a $141.25 deduction. 

Do you stop with your referrals on the way up for Lunch, Breakfast, or Dinner ? If you pay for your referrals food and your own, you can deduct the meal expense. You must though include 5 items on every receipt in order for it to be deductible:
  • Who you were with
  • Why you were taking them out for the meal
  • Where you went
  • When you were there Date and Time
  • How Much you spent
Business does need to be discussed during the meal, so tell them how beautiful the Ranch is and how you just can’t wait to get them up there to see it or something like that. 

Professional Gifts count as Other Miscellaneous Expense items. Your friend purchases from you, you buy them a small gift as a token of appreciation from the referral fees you get, it is deductible. You come often and bring the front desk, a housekeeping employee, etc. a little gift as a thank you for always helping you when you come, it is deductible. This is not a suggestion, just we do have members who have done this and if you do not save your receipts, you cannot deduct it. Just write on them who it was for, why, etc. basically all the same info for restaurant receipts.

Other possible deductible items might include your cell phone if used to book referrals, cleaning your car you use to come to the ranch, a GPS for your car if you use it for business. These are all ideas to get you thinking what you might be able to deduct, it is not a guarantee you will be able to deduct these or the full amount of these things. It is important to talk to your tax accountant to find out the exactly what you can deduct and how. Why pay tax on the full amount you receive, when you can deduct expenses you spent to bring people up.


Kern County Economy

- September 2014
Important Business in Kern's Backyard
Two military installations are based in eastern Kern County: the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake and Edwards Air Force Base....
China Lake
China Lake is the Navy’s largest single landholding in the world. It represents 85% of the Navy’s land for research, development, tests, and evaluations use, and 40% of the Navy’s land holdings worldwide. As weapons development continues, China Lake consistently adds jobs, both military and civilian.

Edwards Air Force Base
Edwards Air Force Base covers roughly 470 square miles and houses roughly 12,800 jobs at the Air Force Flight Test Center. Among its many military purposes, Edwards historically provided a landing-place for NASA spaceships coming back from space exploration when weather did not permit landings in Florida.


  • ASB Avionics
  • BAE Systems
  • Fiberset
  • Firestar Technologies
  • Flight Research, Inc.
  • Flight Test Associates
  • Icon Aircraft
  • Masten Space
  • Mojave Air and Space Port
  • National Test Pilot School
  • Orbital Sciences Corp.
  • Rocket Propulsion Engineering Corp.
  • Scaled Composites
  • Stratolaunch
  • The Spaceship Company
  • Trans Lunar Research
  • Virgin Galactic
  • XCOR Aerospace


Kern County Economy

- August 2014
Kern Draws Worldwide Attention
Eastern Kern County is home to some of the most innovative and specialized technologies in the world. The region’s aerospace programs stand at the forefront of an industry gaining international recognition for space...
... tourism and the first-ever privately-funded spaceflight, while the area’s defense and advanced weapons development is fostered by two military installations. The region’s aerospace and defense employment is four times the national average!

The aerospace and defense industries provide almost 20,000 high-wage full-time jobs for Kern County’s residents. These jobs have staying power thanks to vast open land, lack of development encroachment, proximity to Los Angeles, and higher education levels per capita in East Kern than in most other regions in the country.

An Industry of “Firsts”
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) honored the Mojave Air and Space Port as the first facility certified in the U.S. for horizontal launches of reusable spacecraft. Kern County also made history as SpaceShipOne became the first privately funded, built and manned spacecraft to rocket into space and win the $10 million Ansari X-Prize. The spacecraft, designed by famed aerospace engineer Burt Rutan, garnered attention from celebrity billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, who then invested millions in space tourism in eastern Kern County.

 Mojave Air and Space Port is the “hub” of all aerospace activity in Kern County and maintains worldwide importance. It provides an innovation-driven environment for aerospace research, design, and manufacturing companies making their mark on the industry.


Kern County economics spark national interest. By: JOYCE GRANT

- October 2013
MOJAVE – Richard Chapman cited glowing reports appearing in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other major news sources to illustrate his description of Kern County as, “the current media darling.” ...
...Chapman, President of the Kern Economic Development Corporation (KernEDC), presented his “Mid-Year Economic Update” to members of the East Kern Economic Alliance at a meeting held in the Conference Room at the Mojave Air and Space Port on Thursday, September 12.  “We’ve been discovered,” he said enthusiastically, sharing statistics regarding the county’s exceptional growth rate in the areas of aerospace and defense, agriculture, energy and natural resources, transportation and logistics, healthcare services, tourism, recreation, and entertainment. According to Chapman, Kern County was named in the top twenty for a “Best Performing U.S. Metro” area by the Milken Institute in January 2013. It was listed as number two among the “Strongest-Recovering Areas in the U.S.” by the Brookings Institution in June.

Cassandra Freeman

More Referrals Mean More Prizes!!

- August 2013
As you know Silver Saddle and The Galileo Project have what is considered to be the industry’s most generous cash and incentives based referral programs...
... With summer in full swing these programs have been expanded! 

Starting July 13, 2013 your first purchasing referral will entitle you to receive a $500 cash bonus PLUS your choice of a 32’ Flat Panel TV or a Kindle Fire! Also, your second purchasing referral now entitles you to $500 and your choice between a 40” Flat Panel TV or an iPad Mini. More referrals mean more cash and bigger and better prizes! 

Plus remember, every purchasing referral after that earns you a cool $1,000 and your 10th qualifying referral earns you a MONSTER BONUS of $10,000 more dollars! 

With Great prizes and huge cash payouts it’s no wonder that everyone is going crazy for this summer’s great referral bonanza. The first step is to Call your rep… they’re waiting to help you!

Brianna Cazanga

Just a Reminder

- July 2013
If your property is in tracts 3060, 3061 3070, 3071, 3194, 3195, 3196, 3197, 3245 and more please remember there is over $105,000,000 in a...
... separate Subdivision Deferred Improvement Account for the benefit of these owners. Proceeds are to be used on a “When Need Is Establish” basis to guarantee the installation of piped city water and paved streets to all owners. Also, Silver Saddle has been in conversations with California City officials for the possible upgrades of roads in tracts 3279 and 3280. Look to future Newsletters for updates.