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As laid back as it seems at the ranch there is still plenty going on and behind the scenes even more. From news you need to tidbits you may not need, but are fun anyways, we will keep you in the loop each month with the latest news and yes, even some gossip.
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Tom Maney

Tom Maney, President ...Meet The Man

- August 2018
As a long time California resident Tom Maney has proven himself as a commercial and residential developer on very large scale projects. Tom’s Silver Saddle development includes...
... thousands of individual “Deeded” properties as well as the expansion and operation of the Silver Saddle Resort.

Real estate is in his soul - Tom is a professional who is well versed in the multitude of skills that are particular to the real estate industry.  This includes the latest methodology related to planning, development, sales and marketing.  Tom surrounds himself with a respected team of real estate professionals and has been involved in over 12,000 real estate transactions over the past 25 years.

Recognizing trends in the Commercial and Industrial real estate market, Tom founded both “The Galileo Project” and the innovative ownership/investment vehicle known as “Landbanking Plus +”.  Through this program individual investors can pool small investment dollars to own and control extraordinarily large parcels of prime real property.

Tom’s guiding principles are best summarized as “you must identify and place yourself the direction of growth” and “don’t wait to take advantage of great opportunity…especially if it’s affordable and stress free!”  Tom is very excited about “The Galileo Project” and “Landbanking Plus +” and believes these new opportunities are the very thing that the modern and informed real estate investor is looking for!

Tom Maney is currently President of Silver Saddle and also serves on the Board as Chairman of The Galileo Project.  He spends most of his time between Carmel, California, Park City Utah, and California City, California.  He has also dedicated himself to making the Silver Saddle resort a beautiful place that you and your family can enjoy, build memories and make part of your growing investment future.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome… Please send them through our “contact us” website page and direct them to “Tom Maney”

horse at silver saddle ranch

A History of Silver Saddle Ranch

- July 2018
The history of Silver Saddle Ranch is considerably more varied then one would expect and people are often suprised to hear about the events and characters which populate SSR's past. Here it is...and, now you know.
Summer tips

Summer + Sun = Hydrate!

- June 2018
Summer means sunshine and what kid of any age  doesn't love the idea of a getaway in the country, with a cool pool, lots of shady lawn and as much fun as you can handle? A couple things to remember though...
.... in order to keep the fun lasting as long as possible.

Wear sunscreen

...and reapply often, this is the desert, sweat and pool water removes sunscreen in just a couple of hours.

Stay hydrated

Got a headache? Feeling woozy or tired...get a LOT of fluids in your gut fast! Nap. Seriously, an afternoon nap is a wonderful thing for young and old alike. Siestas were invented for a good reason.

Evening walks

...this is a beautiful time of day in the desert and a quiet evening walk is magical.

Birding at SSR&C

Birding at Silver Saddle Ranch

- May 2018
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club is listed as one of the top Birding spots in California.  We get many different kinds of birds which have flown off course and come...
... down for our lush greenery and ponds to eat and catch up on some rest. Currently we have a beautiful Crane on the property. During the spring and fall migration of birds, birders flock to Silver Saddle to try to find a special bird that has never been seen before in California.  We have had birders from all over the world, England, Germany, Los Angeles and Bakersfield to name a few. One of the birders is a best- selling writer. Some come frequently, actually almost every day during the birding season. Midnight our Ranch cat actually goes birding with the Kyles and stays at least 10 feet away from the birds so he does not scare them off.  Birding is a fun sport for many people. The movie THE BIG YEAR while being a great comedy, does hit on several aspects of birding. Birders start off by looking at books and studying the birds so when they see them they can recognize them. They bring the books along to make sure it is the right bird. Some birds look almost exactly the same except their beak or a small stripe here or there, it is amazing how the birders come to recognize the small differences to be able to know which bird they are looking at. Some birders can tell a type of bird just by its whistle. Birders try to find as many different types of birds as possible and when a rare bird appears, word spreads quickly and all the birders flock to Silver Saddle.  We are putting together a little Birding Guide and getting a couple pair of Binoculars that our guests can borrow to go birding themselves while at the Ranch. So next time you are at the Ranch and see many people with binoculars, you will know they are bird watching and you can ask them to point out a special bird for you to see. 

skeet shooting

New Stuff - keeps coming!.

So…what’s new at the ranch, you ask?
Last month we told you about a lot of upgrades and additions to the service. This month I am delighted to bring you more good news.
  • New Paddle Boats – Yup, no more fear of sinking 50’ from shore (hooray!)
  • BB Guns – for the young’uns…and, only at the Shooting Range…sorry
  • New Shotguns! – oh yeah!
  • More cows… a donkey or two (cute!)
Read about all the upgrades....
Partial List of 2017 Upgrades:
  • All hotel rooms were remodeled.
  • Pool bathrooms were completely remodeled.
  • The Dining Room was painted, new flooring, we added a Carving Station for dinner and an Omelets Station for breakfast.
  • Lobby was remodeled, painted and new flooring and furniture.
  • Bungalows were painted both inside and out and they have new furniture.
  • The Dinning Deck was also painted.
  • Trap N Skeet got new paint and new guns.
  • Spa added a Couples Massage Room.

SSR Logo

Upgrades!...and it just keeps getting better.

Jamie Winton, Ranch Manager, has been busy this past year giving the ranch a facelift and it shows. Read about some of the upgrades below and then watch this space for all the new ones coming...(you're going to like them a lot!)
Read about all the upgrades....
Partial List of 2017 Upgrades:
  • All hotel rooms were remodeled.
  • Pool bathrooms were completely remodeled.
  • The Dining Room was painted, new flooring, we added a Carving Station for dinner and an Omelets Station for breakfast.
  • Lobby was remodeled, painted and new flooring and furniture.
  • Bungalows were painted both inside and out and they have new furniture.
  • The Dinning Deck was also painted.
  • Trap N Skeet got new paint and new guns.
  • Spa added a Couples Massage Room.

Vote Button

We Need Your VOTE!

January 2018 - Voting for the Galileo Commercial Property Owners Assoc Board Members has been extended until January 31st.
It is extremely important that all eligble members cast their vote for those who will represent your interests.

PLEASE Vote Now!
Rodeo Riders

Rodeo! ...and a good time was had by all.

The first Rodeo at SSR was held the weekend of Nov. 11th and it was a very good time. We’ll be adding photos to a new photo gallery under development and we’ll let you know when that is ready. Meantime, …
Read more....Rodeo Roundup...
We had about 20 participants. A very good turnout for a short notice roping and sorting event. Everything went off without any problems and everyone had a fantastic time. I had several Pro’s involved including Bobby Linn (Bobby Linn Horseman), Salty VanKirk (S R Bar Training) and a ton of assistance and a big thank you to Miss Pamela Ziemann who, in her own right, is an amazing horse and people trainer and organizer. We had a few vendors, food and drinks, live music and just a great time all the way around. I have received many calls and emails in the days after requesting information and notifications for our next event, as well as, information on using our venue for their own equine events. They have stated that now that they have been there and had such a great time that they will be able to easily bring larger groups in to double the attendance every time!

SSR&C Rodeo

Rodeo! comes to the ranch - Nov 11

That's right...Silver Saddle Ranch is going to be throwing it's first rodeo on Saturday Nov. 11th and possibly the 12th as well. From beginners to Pro Am, calf roping, sorting and more will be happening and all members are invited to attend. Spectators are free and if you want to compete...either contact Jamie at or cell at (661) 714-9186. For Competitor on.
Rodeo Flyer
Rodeo Pricing
Release Form
Spa Services


Merlita Wins SSR Prize at Rodeo - Sept 29

A lovely lady by the name of Merlita happened to be in attendance at the Rodeo at Fort Tejon on Sept. 29th and she walked away the Grand Prize Winner of the SSR&C Grand Prize package.
See What She Won...
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
Weekend Getaway Package for Two
Friday Night & Saturday Night


Total Package Value: $1,102.26

treasure chest

Desert Fishing....

- Sept 2017

The lake at Silver Saddle is a great place for families to enjoy a bit of fishing. Among the varieties of fish in the lake are Bass, Crappie, and Catfish. Some of the Catfish are huge and hooking one is a life changing experience.

Read More.
There is even a story about the kids in a kayak a few years back who hooked into one and were pulled all around the lake by the fish, for almost 15 minutes, before it finally broke their line. Another story, popular around campfires, tells of the young boy who was fishing from a kayak and later that day they noticed the kayak was capsized, it had teeth marks in the side and the boy was gone, never to be seen again….. Remember that all the fishing is catch and release (that’s how they get so big!)


ATV Rules

- August 2017

Out of respect for the animals and shade sleeping guests ATVs and off road motorcycles are NOT allowed on the main resort grounds and roadways. While there are miles and miles of great off road area for you to enjoy, you need to keep those off-road vehicles on a trailer while on ranch grounds. OK? Thanks!

treasure chest

The Treasure hunt is ON!

- April 2017

In case you hadn't heard...we have been finding bags of silver stashed around the ranch and now we are giving it away to members via a treasure hunt! Learn the whole story AND how you can win some at

Read More.
The 1st SSR Treasure Hunt wrapped up this past Sunday and it was a blast! Over 3 dozen members searched for clues online...scrambled to get the answers in quickly...and ultimately...23 people walked away with silver! Silver Bars, silver coins, silver rounds...over a pound of silver was given away this time....We are already signing up members for Hunt #2, scheduled to begin the first part of May. Register NOW for the May Hunt.

Silsah the SSR hawk

Say hello to ... "SILSAH"

- February 2017

Francis Sobremisana created a beautiful name for a beautiful hawk and received the most votes. Silsah means Silver Saddle Hawk and as a result of the popularity of the name Francis walks away with bragging rights as well as $100 in Ranch Credit. Congratulations!

See how the voting stacked up.
  1. SILSAH (22)
  2. Galilea (16
  3. Lolani (15)
  4. Hope (10)
  5. Joodic (9)
  6. Pengana (8)
  7. Mighty (7)
  8. Liluye(6)
  9. Luna (6)
  10. Regal & Xena (5 apiece)

Harris Hawk at SSR

Falconry Comes to SSR

- January 2017

Picture here is a six month old female Harris's hawk with its Master Falconer, Mr. Richard Knight. She is already fully grown and have good appetite for rabbit! Help Name The Hawk! Click here

... She is beautiful bird with strength and even affection to Mr. Knight.

Richard has been a practicing falconer for over 40 years. In that 40 year span, he has flown Kestrels, Merlins, Prarie Falcons, Harris Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks and Cooper's Hawks.

Richard has past served as a volunteer for the California Department of Fish and Game, in the care and rehabilitation of Hawks, Falcons and Owls. Read more about birds and Silver Saddle Ranch
Richard Knight with Hawk

cottages at silver saddle ranch & club

Cozy New Cottages!

- November 2016

In case you haven’t heard…we have added several really nice cottage units to the lodging choices here at the ranch. Visit the Club site to learn more about these.

halloween at silver saddle ranch & club

Ghosts of Silver Saddle Ranch!

- October 2016
Over and over again stories of a lady who haunts Silver Saddle keep coming up. Seems she is seen most often in the main lodge and usually moving up . ...
... or down the stairs or making noise in the library. Other sightings include the outside deck late at night or wandering by the ponds in the moonlight. She is typically dressed in a flowing, old fashioned dress with her hair tied up in a bun.

Who is she? Nobody is quite sure. Maybe if you are up late one sleepless night at the ranch you could ask her….?

There are many other ghosts at Silver Saddle Ranch but we only talk about them in whispers and only with those brave enough to visit during the halloween moon.

gazebo at silver saddle ranch & club

New Gazebos!

- September 2016
The resort grounds are now graced by a number of new gazebos installed earlier this summer. These add a number of spots for you to relax, catch some shade, have a picnic or just contemplate the peace and serenity.
an event at silver saddle ranch & club

Company Meeting, Trainings, and Conferences SSR&C!

- August 2016
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club is available during the week days for groups!  It is a great place for training team members, pharmaceutical training, medical classes and just good old company meetings and board meetings.  As you know...
... our members love to come on the weekends and we also do our Sales presentations on the weekends, but during the week, the ranch is slow. 

We can utilize the Restaurant and Bar for training like we do with Rio Tinto, one of the largest companies in the world.  Rio Tinto owns and operates Borax Mine in Boron, CA as well as thousands of mines throughout the world.  Headquartered in Australia, their trainer flies in from Australia to put on the 3 day training sessions.  Each group is about 20 people who stay at the Ranch all 3 days, we provide the rooms, the meeting space,  all their meals, the bar, and set up everything they need.  They just come and do their training without worry.  They get a coffee break that goes all day which includes Juice, sodas, Gatorade, Candies, Cookies, Granola Bars, Nuts, Fresh Fruit, oh and of course Coffee. 

Rio Tinto comes 2-4 times a year and they really enjoy the Ranch.  They enjoy doing a Tri Tip BBQ outdoors in the evening.   They do team building exercises outside and enjoy the peace and quiet the Ranch provides. 

We also have the Theaters in the Pavilion, the Chuckwagon for BBQs and Campfires, all the activities: Archery, Trap & Skeet Shooting, Paddle boats, Kayaks, Miniature Golf, the Swimming Pools and much much more. Just remember, we do not do these types of events on the weekend, but most companies do events during the week instead of paying overtime for people to come on their days off.
Own a business?  Are you a manager?  Does the company you work for do offsite training, team building and company meetings?  Next time suggest they book their group at Silver Saddle. 


Comment Card Contest

- June 2016
This spring we had a fun contest among employees and departments to see who could gather the most comment cards. We were curious to see how the members perceived the staff and where we could improve some things. Results are as follows:...
Department Score out of scale of 1-5
Front Desk 4.926829
Rest. 4.824561
Amenities 4.814286
Spa 4.74359
Rangers 4.74
Hskg 4.655172

Team Member # of Cards
Shatari  21
Marieana 19
Ben 18
Robert 17
Danica 12
Michael  12
Deisy  11
Marcos 11
 Liz 5
Megan 5
Ronnie 4
Devan  3
Maria 3
Melinda 3
Brenda 2
Raquel 2
Elaine 1
Nicole 1
Teresa 1




Summer Event Calendar

- Summer 2016
Summer means sunshine, shady trees and FUN. Here are a few of the many things happening around Antelope Valley this summer....
picnic at silver saddle ranch

Come Back To Membership

- July 2015
Membership has its privileges!  Did you know that you have to be a member to stay at Silver Saddle Ranch & Club and to be able to participate in the activities?  The only area....
... open for non-members (including owners who have stopped paying their annual membership maintenance fees) is the restaurant.  All the Amenities are back open including Trap & Skeet, Archery, Horseback Riding, Miniature Golf, the Driving Range, the Surrey Bikes, Bicycles, Paddle Boats, Kayaks, Tennis, Basketball, Horseshoes, the Game room, Fitness Room, and of course all the pools. Additionally last year we added Dino Discovery where kids and kids at heart can dig up Dinosaur Bones, a Hay Maze, and a meditation Labyrinth.  Only members can bring up referrals and earn the referral fees and gifts. Call your agent for more information on bringing up your family and friends for a tour. Members also have use of the Silver Saddle Ranch Travel Club where there are over 4000 resorts worldwide where members get great discounts on weekly and nightly stays. Sometimes a whole week is only $199! July Special – Have not paid your membership dues in a while? Couple Months? A Year? Many Years?  Now is the time to reinstate because in the month of July 2015 ONLY, we will waive the $300.00 reinstatement fee if you set up SurePay where we debit your account either monthly, quarterly or annually. When you pay annually, we will also take off 10% and thank you with a Dinner Certificate for 4 to the Desert Willow Restaurant on your next stay.  So don’t wait, re-instate!

old west wagon at silver saddle ranch

Association Fees at Work

- May 2015
Keeping the Ranch looking nice is a constant challenge with 130 acres, all the different amenities, the hotel rooms, etc.  We are continually doing work to have....
... the Ranch look fantastic for our members and guests and your Association Fees help make this possible.  With Spring, we are fixing the sprinklers, planting flowers, trimming the plants and doing our spring cleaning throughout the resort grounds, This year we have begun a program to restore the antique wagons throughout the property. It will take awhile to complete them all and when you come back to the Ranch, you can see the changes and be proud of your membership.  We have begun with the two wagons at the Club House, scraping the old paint, fixing them so they are more stable and then painting them. The Wagon near the restaurant has been refurbished to look how it did back in the day. We are now working at the wagons near the Miniature Golf and Driving Range and will continue going around the property.

Tortoise Days parade

Silver Saddle’s Head Wrangler, Jose Carrillo,  Leads the Tortoise Days Parade

- May 2013
Jose Carrillo has been at Silver Saddle Ranch & Club for over 20 years giving Trail Rides to our members and Guests.  On Saturday May 4th Jose led the Parade, literally....
... Every year during the first weekend in May the City of California City  Celebrates Desert Tortoise Days and Jose has been bringing his horse and riding in the parade almost as many years as he has worked at Silver Saddle. 

This was the city’s 38th year having the event.  This year’s theme was “Our City, Our Pride, Our Desert”.  The Desert Tortoise Days Celebration includes the Parade on Saturday Morning and a carnival, art show, food booths and activities all day both Saturday and Sunday.  The parade had floats from over 20 businesses and organizations.  California City Police Chief and Fire Chief were Co-Grand Marshals for the Parade. An exhibition softball game of the Police vs Fire Departments was held.  There was a lot of food, merchandise booths and games for everyone to enjoy. So mark your calendar next May to attend Desert Tortoise Days.

summer fun in paddle boat

Spring & Summer Hours

- March 2013
The Ranch is Ramping up for a great year ahead! The ranch is open to members all the time however, you need to be aware of specific hours that certain amenities are available....
  Friday 6pm -9pm

Sat. 7am-10am & 5pm-8:30pm

  Sun. 7am-10am
Saloon Sat. 6pm - 10pm
  Sat. & Sun. 9am - 4pm

the sallon at Silver Saddle Ranch

Business Events Welcome

- February 2013
Business Opportunity awaits during the mid week at Silver Saddle Ranch.
If you are a business owner, manager or trainer and looking for an exceptional venue for your next business meeting, training or retreat, we suggest that you take a look at Silver Saddle Ranch & Club....
... We are used to hosting multi day events and can provide all resorts services during the midweek including: lodging, restaurant, lounge, activities, amenities, theatre, and more. With the variety of spaces in which to conduct your business we know you will find the perfect atmosphere for any purpose.

Imagine your organization enjoying informal gatherings by the lake, training sessions in our theatre or Pavilion and luncheons on the deck. Follow that up with dinner in the restaurant or perhaps a BBQ outdoors and then relax in the lounge or gather round the hot tub for a more informal wind down.

Just remember that we get very busy on weekends so the availability of the ranch for your event is restricted to the midweek, but that is probably when you were going to hold it anyways, weren’t you?

Chef and buffet at silver saddle

The Ranch ...for Meetings & Conferences

- January 2013
Trainings to Meetings to Conferences
While we are busy during the weekends with Members and Tours, the weekdays are a great time for company meetings and groups....
... With 45 hotel rooms and 73 beds, we can hold groups of 45 with one person per room, 73 with 2 people in the doubles and one in the queens and suites or if your groups likes to camp, we can accommodate over 300 people.  The Ranch has 2 theaters in the Pavilion which has seating for 30 – 40 people. It also has 3 Large Meeting Rooms for a General Session and breakout meetings. Groups have also used the Restaurant and Bar for meetings. We provide the 3 meals a day, a coffee break set-up with snacks, soft drinks etc. We can do outdoor BBQs with musicians, a campfire, and hayrides. Activities can be added for Team Building Events, competitions.  One group that has been returning every year for the past 3 years doing two to 3 meetings a year is 20 Mule Team Borax. Borax, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto Minerals holds their Leadership Training at Silver Saddle Ranch & Club. Rio Tinto with mines throughout the world, and headquartered in Australia, flies in a trainer from Australia. They have also flown in people from London, Ireland and other countries to see the leadership training they do here.  Does your company do offsite Training or company meetings, Silver Saddle is the best place for your next meeting. If you are the owner or manager at your company, think about bringing your team here. Otherwise talk to your boss and suggest having your next meeting at the Ranch!