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Silver Saddle Ranch - "News" site for members and guests

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image This site keeps members and guests of Silver Saddle Ranch & Club up-to-date with interesting news and information about the ranch, Silver Saddle Ranch real estate and news of the area as it relates to business and growth. With the Ranch News section we keep members informed on such things as new additions to the ranch, seasonal hours, Employee-Of-The-Month announcements and more. We also post real estate news relevant to the real estate growth in the area and what that means for members of the ranch. Rounding out the news aspect of the site is Area News which covers bigger stories impacting the Kern County area as a whole.

At Silver Saddle Ranch we consider ourselves and the members as one large, extended family, who provide important input into how the ranch evolves. To that end we have a Survey & Poll section where we ask timely questions of members in order to gain their feedback including comments and suggestions on everything from naming the new residents of the zoo to how they like the amenities, what we should consider changing and more.

If you are a member of Silver Saddle Ranch & Club we hope you enjoy the News website and find it a useful resource. If you are considering becoming a member of Silver Saddle Ranch, we hope you do and look forward to welcoming you and your family soon.